Live transcription with speaker attribution now available in Teams meetings for English (US)

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We’ve all been in situations where we’re double-booked or joined a meeting late. You don’t want to interrupt the flow but need to catch up quickly. Or, for accessibility reasons or ambient noise situations, you need help following the conversation and understanding who’s speaking. Wouldn’t it be great to have transcription with speaker attribution built into the meeting?

We’re excited to now offer live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings for English (US). Live transcription is a written record of the spoken text that occurs during a meeting. It identifies each speaker, is captured automatically in near real time, and is available during and after the meeting.

Delivering live transcription with high accuracy, minimal latency, and cost efficiency at enterprise scale has been one of the toughest challenges in the industry. Over the last two years we’ve made significant strides in solving this problem and have dramatically improved our models for accuracy using meeting context in real time and cutting edge AI.

Live transcription in Teams uses a meeting's invitation, participant names, attachments, etc. to improve the accuracy and recognize meeting-specific jargon for each transcript automatically, without any human involvement. This means no one at Microsoft ever sees the meeting’s content, and the models are automatically deleted immediately after each meeting. In addition, Microsoft doesn’t use or store this data for improving its own AI.


How to set up live transcription in Teams meetings
To get started, the tenant admin just needs to turn on the Allow Transcription policy. Then the meeting organizer or a presenter can start transcription.

Menu - start recording and start transcription.png


In terms of privacy, live transcription is similar to recording a meeting. Participants are notified that live transcription is on and have the ability to hide it from their meeting view with just a click. If they choose not be identified, attendees can also turn off speaker attribution in their profile settings.



After the meeting, the saved transcript is available for reference and download in Teams for desktop and web.

Transcript in Post Meeting Tab.png


The transcript is also immediately available in the meeting event in Teams calendar, as well as through the transcript tile in the chat.

Chat Chiclet Full View.png


Teams live transcription files are stored in the meeting organizer's Exchange Online account and only the organizer and tenant admin have permissions to delete it.

Teams meeting recordings that are saved in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint (ODSP) use Teams live transcript to display captions in recordings, so we recommend turning on live transcript to ensure captions are present in post-meeting recordings.

Note that live transcription is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and so should not be relied upon in life-altering situations.


Cloud Video Interop customers:

If you are using Cloud Video Interop (CVI) to join Teams meetings, please contact your CVI provider to ensure that your CVI participants get the transcription notification when transcription starts.

Who can start using live transcriptions?
Live transcription with speaker attribution is available for scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings (in U.S. English) to our public cloud customers with licenses for Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft 365 Business Premium SKUs. Live transcripts for channel and Meet Now meetings will be coming soon.

Delivering highly accurate, AI-based live transcriptions for Teams meetings has been a massive and rewarding effort across the company. With this powerful foundation built at scale, we’re ready to tackle the next set of challenges to keep improving inclusivity, accessibility, and productivity in Microsoft Teams meetings. Stay tuned…

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What about Microsoft 365 Business Basic users? Is this feature unavailable for Business Basic?

Occasional Visitor

Any timing on other languages (IC french and Dutch?)

Regular Visitor

Hi, when should we be seeing the Allow Transcription policy added to our admin center?  I don't see it yet.

Senior Member

Thank you for sharing

Occasional Visitor

Love this feature, we've been playing with it a bit and the accuracy is very impressive. We've found that the button to activate the transcription is only there if the meeting is a scheduled one outside of a channel/team and is not an adhoc one - will the feature be present across all meeting forms in the future? 


This is great news! But I am a bit puzzled by the license requirements here... Since when did Teams features start to require Windows-as-a-service subscription. We are on Enterprise Agreement, mixing O365 E3/E1 + EMS E3. Are you telling me we need the license pack including Windows E3 to be able to use live transcription? I would have expected this to be part of O365 E3, or at least E5, with the option of a stand-alone add-on. We need this for accessibility, but have not choice but going to a third party if the only option is to upgrade the whole org to M365 E3 licenses. Thanks!

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Wouldn't it be better if you focus on not opening 4 windows every time a call is made? Or removing an annoying header that prevents using the browser tabs when you share the screen? I don't know, maybe it's more of a priority to make sure the user experience in Teams is not a crap...

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@javisilencio agree with you. the floating header is very annoying!

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It is good to see that the feature is live now, but wondering is there any APIs available to get the transcript sentences, by the speaker, during the meeting (at realtime)?

1) We are working on live transcript in other languages including French and Dutch. We will share more details soon.

2) We currently don't have a public API for Teams live transcript feature.



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Thanks @Shalendra Chhabra for your response... If you can tell me is there any plan to provide the public API for Teams live transcript feature in the future? If it's in the plan then any ETA that you know about?

Frequent Visitor

or is there any Graph API available to download the transcript after the meeting?

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can you confirm that if the user has a language setting that is not US English (ie: English New Zealand) will it still work or do people have to ensure that language is set to US for it to work?  we can see the function, and its all working but nothing is being captured....




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This is excellent! Can you confirm were transcript/recordings are saved for impromptu "meetings" from external callers? For example, if a number outside of Teams calls my Teams number and I enable transcriptions where will this save (as there is no calendar invite or chat associated with the call)?

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A similar question to @HudsonNZ ... is this only available to specifically English in the US? We're located in Canada. As an admin, I've enabled the transcription feature, but when testing in a meeting, the option appears greyed out and not we're able to click on it.

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 3.16.31 PM.png

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Never mind...the feature is fully working today. I guess it just needed a bit of time to fully enable itself :)

Great to hear! 

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@Shalendra Chhabra just wondering if you can clarify if the language settings need to be US for it to appear, or can we set the English (NZ) and it still work.

Occasional Contributor


I may have missed this, but will this be available for EDU?



New Contributor

Is there a way to add this to the meeting's settings so we don't forget to manually start the transcript?

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When doing a PSTN Call, you can turn on Transcriptions and it shows it to the right side of the Teams window. My question is, where does it go after the call is completed?

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