Launching SAP Ruum - Microsoft Teams integration
Published Jun 11 2018 10:56 AM 7,197 Views

At SAPPHIRE NOW this past week, SAP Ruum launched an integration with Microsoft Teams, providing an end-to-end solution across collaboration, communication, and productivity.


The integration is enabled through an app installed in Microsoft Teams that provides the ability for users to access and update projects in Ruum, within the context of a team conversation.


Access the integration here:





The SAP Ruum integration with Teams tightly couples the business processes and team conversations and provides a seamless user experience. For example, let's say you're trying to plan logistics around a product launch in Microsoft Teams. Being able to access SAP Ruum allows you to keep a record of what people are agreeing upon and what the current plan is—in parallel to the conversation. The integration between team conversations and project planning provides real time alignment – thereby enhancing organization productivity

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