How different departments can benefit from Microsoft Teams
Published Dec 06 2017 07:57 AM 12.3K Views

In times of digital transformation, giving your teams the right tool for the job can give your organization the edge. But when it comes to teamwork and collaboration, there is no one-size-fits-all.


In this free webinar we unpack how Microsoft Teams has unique benefits to help every department and every team enhance their productivity:


  • Marketing teams can create, collaborate and show results while working with a diverse group of people from both inside and outside the company in a shared workspace for all conversations, files, and third-party services.



  • Sales teams can quickly build proposals with input from different stakeholders, while making it easier to manage longer term projects and programs, such as planning, training and sales readiness.


  • Finance teams can aggregate and report on data while conducting business reviews on a regular cadence in a hub in which all files, data, conversations and meetings can happen safely and securely.


  • HR professionals can manage recruitment and employee onboarding activities, including sharing resumes and interview notes, keeping track of candidate information, communicating hiring decisions, and sharing new employee documents.


  • Engineers can move quickly between ideation, development and deployment of a concept when delivering new features or integrate with developer tools.


Watch the free webinar in including a unique demo here:


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