Deliver superpowers to your people with Teams (pt. 2)
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Jace Moreno, Microsoft Teams Platform Lead


It's hard to miss the momentum around Microsoft Teams. While we are incredibly proud of our success, we also recognize that Microsoft Teams is an entirely new way of working for many organizations. Many customers ask us - prior to rolling out Teams for their people - for the "secret sauce" to driving natural & organic adoption, quickly.

The truth is, in the words of one of our partners, the formula is pretty simple. To get people to adopt and love Teams, you just need to give them a reason.

And that's what this series is all about. Sharing real examples of how organizations are using Microsoft Teams to deliver their people a truly modern workplace that unleashes their true potential.

Without further ado, our first superpower story:


Customer: Convergint Technologies
Integration used: Wrike
When Convergint Technologies was founded in 2001, their mission was simple: to be their customers’ best service provider. Today—4,000 employees and 100 branch offices later—that mission remains. And as Convergint continues to grow worldwide, ensuring every colleague has the right training and tools is key to keeping this promise alive.


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Fast growth, slow workflow
Training employees on essential tools is critical to delivering excellence to customers. But as a global company in a growth spurt, Convergint struggled with managing requests for new-hire training. Without a centralized tool for requesting these onboarding sessions, they relied on email. Which meant critical details—or the requests themselves—were often lost in someone’s inbox.


“We scheduled everything by phone, email, or Skype for Business. Juggling all these tools was inefficient and occasionally caused us to misplace information.”
- Bethany Taylor, Business Architect

Getting on the same page—literally
Earlier in the year, Convergint adopted Microsoft Teams as their main collaboration tool. Excited by its ability to bring cross-company communication together in a single app, they thought: Why not use it to support new-hire onboarding? So, they integrated Wrike, a project management software, into Teams. The result was a game-changer.

Now, instead of coordinating trainings via email or phone, managers, new hires, or existing colleagues who simply need a refresher can request training by filling out a Wrike form without leaving their Microsoft Teams app. Wrike then routes the request to the Productivity Specialist who can best support the need, and it’s automatically added to their training backlog. The Specialists and new hires can then have conversations, share training materials, and conduct the actual training session—all within Teams. Not only has this streamlined Convergint’s process, it’s allowed them to track their onboarding needs and manage training backlogs more effectively.


“Having the ability to access our Wrike projects inside of Teams has been a game-changer. It improves our response time to training requests so we can support our colleagues on a global scale.“
- Bethany Taylor, Business Architect

A more connected future
Taylor says Convergint next plans to continue using Wrike and Teams to manage new software deployments and enhancements. Integrating Teams’ stellar communication capabilities with the accountability offered by Wrike’s tasks and projects allows the team to manage change and keep a global organization both engaged and informed—ultimately empowering them to uphold their reputation of customer service excellence.


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Stay tuned, Superpowers (pt. 3) will be coming very soon!

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