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When communicating with teammates over chat, nothing can slow you down like having to pause your conversation and open up a new window to find the answer to a question or the right piece of information to share. The context-switching involved in jumping between applications to access the information you need to do your job can cost you and your teammates productive time. Complementing real-time communication with a collaborative knowledge base is key to keeping teams aligned and productive even when distributed.


Guru’s app for Microsoft Teams can make both real-time and asynchronous collaboration easier by bringing your team's collective knowledge right to Microsoft Teams. With the updated integration for Teams, you can now access and share verified knowledge from Guru in the same place that you chat and collaborate with your teammates - within your Teams workflow.


The Guru app for Teams makes the transition from office to remote (and back again) seamless, and employees won't feel like they're missing information by not being in the office. Complement your real-time collaboration in Teams with expert-verified information so that regardless of where - or when - your teammates work, they are connected and aligned.

Share Guru cards within conversationsShare Guru cards within conversations


Here are some of the ways customers can connect Teams with Guru:

Streamline your internal communications
Sometimes, amidst conversations and collaboration, critical information can get lost or overlooked. By integrating Guru into Teams, you can capture updates and announcements that are shared in a Teams channel to create visibility and accountability for the entire team and make it easier for them to revisit and act upon them later.


With notifications integration, a Guru bot will deliver select notifications and allow you to take action on them directly within the Teams workflow:

  1. Card Comments: Receive and reply to mentions on any comments made on Guru Cards
  2. Knowledge Alerts: Receive and read Knowledge Alerts on important knowledge that has been pushed to you and requires attention (including an in-app "I Read It" action)

Notifications and updates from Guru within Microsoft TeamsNotifications and updates from Guru within Microsoft Teams


With Guru and Teams, you can improve your internal communications with notifications on real-time releases, company updates, and more by bringing information directly to employees where they’re already working, and giving them a way to let you know that they've seen it.

Enable every team with the product information they need
Because product information can change rapidly, employees need access to up-to-date information as the product changes. Guru’s app for Teams makes product information accessible and shareable in the same place that employees would go to ask questions about it: in Teams chat and channels. You can save time for your frontline employees and your product experts by integrating your product delivery process into your communication workflow. When those frontline employees are empowered to find product information and answers themselves, they’ll spend less time pinging your internal subject matter experts (SMEs) with repeat questions, resulting in more focused time for everyone involved.

Ramp up new hires faster
Effectively onboarding new employees is critical to their long-term success and that of your company. Teams is a great way for new employees to meet their teammates and ask questions as they get acquainted with the culture, team, and product. Guru gives these new employees a single place to find all the company knowledge they need to thrive, while you lower your costs of administrative support.


Help new hires feel autonomous by allowing them to turn to Guru with all of their onboarding questions instead of having to interrupt another employee. With Guru and Teams, you can keep your new teammates productive in Teams, help existing employees stay focused on their own work, and reduce your new hire onboarding costs.

Improve collaboration with Guru and Teams

With Guru’s Teams integration, your teams have access to more of the information they need to stay productive within the Teams console. By bringing knowledge directly to the place where people already work, you can help make sure that important updates don’t go unnoticed and that teams spend less time searching for information and more time delivering value. Help keep your company connected, engaged, and aligned, both in real-time and asynchronously, with Guru in Teams.

To get started with Guru’s Teams integration, log in to your Teams account and add Guru.

To learn more about the benefits of collaborative knowledge management, visit Guru’s site.

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