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Community Update #4

Published May 12 2017 04:07 PM 4,798 Views

It’s the last day of Build so it seems only fitting that the first community reading recommendation of the week goes to this article: Best Practices in Tab Integration. Its written by Polyscribe, one of the first Tab integrations for Teams and was built from the ground up specifically for Teams. This blog post by Polyscribe founder Rohan Relan shares the lessons and strategies they learned while building the integration. A must read for anyone interested in building something similar!


I also really loved this blog post from Howard Weinstein of FinServ Consulting: Microsoft Teams a Killer App for Collaboration. If you’re helping hedge funds or private equity firms with their IT, check out his section on how Teams relates to these types of organizations.


Lastly, I recommend checking in on the Microsoft Teams feedback portal. But if you’re going to be busy gardening in the warm weather this weekend like me, then you can just read this recap:


COMING [really, really] SOON

  • Previews of messages into the “Missing all the action” emails
  • Notifications for connectors
  • Ability to add a Microsoft PowerApp as a tab
  • A button in your Outlook calendar for “New Teams Meeting”
  • Improved editing for Wiki


COMPLETED [but maybe you didn’t know]

Bring your own SharePoint! You can migrate an existing SharePoint into Teams.


  • You can remove the Wiki tab
  • You can paste in URLs
  • Markdown support to Wiki tab

Links to Teams APIs via Microsoft Graph:


Until next time, friends!



There was a Clippy sighting at Build. Posting for all of you who have been voting for us to bring Clippy into Teams. Add your voice here: was a Clippy sighting at Build. Posting for all of you who have been voting for us to bring Clippy into Teams. Add your voice here:


Where is Real-Time Chats and Video Conferences?

Real-Time Chats and Video Conferences.PNG 


This is weird too!!!



Not applicable

The "Ability to add a Microsoft PowerApp as a tab" is already there and works really nice :)




Hi @Ashkan Deravi, the first item is because your IT admin has moved you to a K SKU. Can you check with them and let me know?


For the second item, can you give me more info? Who sent the email, are they a part of the Team?



Senior Member

@Suphatra Rufo globally we own O365 E3 License only, below is the list of subscriptions I've got on my account.


Please note we can meet through Skype for business.



















































To answer your 2nd question; On 28th of April I noted  "get an email for channel" was disappeared after looking at Admin I found out an email for the channel are disabled then I enabled it, after 28th I could not make the email work. Simply I Teams channel created an email for me and screengrab is the response to the email created by the channel.


So anytime I send an email to the channel I get an error I mentioned earlier.



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