9 Modern Work sessions you should not miss at Microsoft Build
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Build 2021 is soon upon us (May 25–27). The prudent attendee will take the time to plan their virtual session schedule. To help with your plan, we are highlighting nine key sessions across the platform that you won’t want to miss. These sessions share all the great new features and announcements that demonstrate how we’re empowering developers to build the next generation of collaborative apps. Build is a great way to see the art of the possible – so if you haven’t already registered, do so today and create your session schedule online. And remember – almost all sessions can be seen on demand so you can enjoy them even after Build is over. Let’s walk through these important sessions.


These sessions bring a lot of news together in a way so you can understand what the future is for hybrid work. We hope you leave these sessions with an informed perspective that you can share with your colleagues when they ask you about Microsoft and its plans for developers.

Build the next generation of collaborative apps for hybrid work

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It’s clear that Hybrid work is here to stay – organizations everywhere are working hard to provide better tools. These hybrid workers have unique needs that are centered around collaborating with colleagues. Reimaging business processes to support them requires a new class of collaborative apps to get work done. Join Jeff Teper, Archana Saseetharan, Yina Arenas, and Mary Anne Noskowski as they share the latest on Teams, Graph, and Windows. Learn how you can use these surfaces to build the next generation of collaborative apps for hybrid workers.


Microsoft: Into Focus with Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, Rajesh Jha and Kevin Scott

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Join our ‘Into Focus’ hosts Filisha Shah, Seth Juarez, and Scott Hanselman for a rapid-fire rundown of executive content, roundtable conversations, coding demos and more. Microsoft executives Scott Guthrie, Rajesh Jha, Kevin Scott, and an all-star lineup of special guests will be on hand to answer your audience questions and discuss the real-world impact of the developer news coming out of Microsoft Build. Late breaking news - our very own Nicole Herksowitz, GM for Microsoft Teams, discusses the future of app development in a hybrid world with Rajesh Jha.



These sessions are the “one level down” focus sessions for the keynotes. They drill deeper into the topics and features that are important to you -- while hearing from the people who design and code these capabilities.

Learn how to build exciting apps across meetings, chats, and channels within or outside Teams

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As work continues to evolve, Microsoft Teams will shape how the doing gets done. Please join Nikita Bokil, Ojasvi Choudhary, Loki Meyburg, and Manpratap Suri to learn all that’s new on the Teams platform. You’ll hear about expanded features, customizable communications, APIs for hybrid scenarios and making interactions as inclusive and fun as can be. Teams is the future of work.

Learn how the most successful apps in Teams plug into the platform to deliver customer value

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Hybrid work is here. And Microsoft Teams is fueling the innovation that will determine how collaborative – and productive – the next generation of experiences are. Learn from Erin Bailie and Trent Hazy as they discuss how customers and partners are building solutions on Teams that demonstrate the art of the possible. Hear customer success stories to inspire your own.

Empowering developers with powerful tooling and enabling frictionless app adoption

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Join Karthig Balendran, Brian Nguyen, and Emily Chen to learn about the new developer tools available that simplify building apps on Microsoft Teams and the new experiences designed for admins and end users to accelerate adoption. They will cover how these new tools allow you to easily build, test, host, publish and manage apps. Speak to how admins can help increase adoption of your app. And how we've now provided new experiences and mechanisms for users to discover and purchase your app.

What's new for Windows desktop application development

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Tap into the full power of a Windows PC with your desktop applications! See how we’re unifying the developer platform through Project Reunion, enabling you to modernize without rewriting. You’ll also learn about our work on WinUI (the native UI stack in Windows), Win32 and .NET apps and more. For enterprise developers and ISVs targeting Windows, this is the tech you need to know.

What's new in Windows 10 for ALL developers

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We appreciate that you create many different solutions on Windows – and not all of them are targeted to the Windows platform. Join Kayla Cinnamon, Deondre Davis, and Craig Loewen as they present the innovations with Terminal and WSL2, performance improvements and delighters like Power Toys, and the Windows Package Manager. If you develop for web, cloud, or other platforms including Windows, this is for you.

Build great discovery & collaboration apps for Microsoft 365 with new Microsoft Graph connector & Ad...

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Microsoft Graph is a powerful way to bring your solution’s data into Microsoft’s enterprise-scale apps and experiences. In this session we’ll show you how Microsoft Graph Connectors have evolved to provide even richer access for your data to enterprise search, eDiscovery and more. Presenters Jermey Thake and Rabia Williams will go a step farther and demonstrate how you can use that same connector-fed data to create powerful cross-application workflows using Adaptive Cards.

Three new ways to enrich your productivity apps with Microsoft Graph tools and data

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Microsoft is working hard to make it easy for you to enrich your apps with Microsoft Graph data. We are creating tools and services that make using Graph data simple, powerful, and efficient. Ayca Bas and Beth Pan will present a tour of the latest additions to the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. We will then introduce you to rich notifications for Exchange resources. Finally, we will share our new approach to web hooks with our new Event Hub.

And this is only just a portion of all the sessions and experiences we have planned for you at Build! Be sure to check out our interstitial programs, our on-demand sessions, our product roundtables, and we also have 1:1 app consults if you need to connect with a Microsoft subject-matter expert!

See you (virtually) at Build next week!


And if you want to download a deeper view of the content, grab our very convenient PDF with ALL of the sessions we think will be important to you.

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