Automatic document creation?


Hi, I've been researching 3rd party products that could help us implement automated document creation (essentially taking all the thousands of product guides we have already created by hand and using them as a database from which to compose new documents), and recently came across mention of Microsoft Syntex. Since we are heavily invested in Microsoft solutions, it seems like it might be worth exploring the potential as well if we could leverage a Microsoft product, possibly (?) one we already have rights to use to do the work. 


Has anyone built anything like this or does anyone know of some examples of existing systems that could be demoed based on Syntex? 


Does Syntex support any kind of document approval workflow? Or other MS products that might be useful? We use teams right now and the approvals app for some approvals but it isn't an automated workflow, its fully a manual process.





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Hi Joel, you're kind of describing a text book use-case for Syntex. if you are already an M365 shop and have (or willing to get) a Syntex license, then yes, I think Syntex is a good fit for what you describe. Your product content could be in Sharepoint list(s) then assemble product guide docs either as required or en-masse. Your existing manually created docs may need to be deconstructed from the docs into the list columns but Syntex can assist with that process as scale as well. As for automated approval workflow, Power Automate should do that ok and it also talks to Syntex.
I have a prototype of all of the above if you really did want to see a demo. Let me know if you want to set something up.