Trim feature removed in new Stream?

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Has the trim feature been removed in both the new (SharePoint) Stream and tradtional Stream interface? 

I discovered this today when attempting to trim a video recorded from a Teams meeting.  The trim feature was available recently when video recordings of Teams meetings were accessed in OneDrive.  

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Why would you take away such a simple and very important feature. Especially when it was standard before and then you find out you can no longer trim. Please bring this feature back and as soon as possible.

That. Or at least offer a free tool to integrate seamless, to provide in this crucial need.
And/or offer open integration with other tools with this capability.

We are working on brining trim and full video edit to M365 via clipchamp in later 2023. We are also working on some ideas where we can also have a simple hide option on the video directly in Stream.


We hear your feedback that not having Trim like was in Stream (Classic) is painful. It's not a trivial or quick thing for us to build so it's taking a while to come up with the right plan and investment level for Stream with clipchamp for full trim and edit capabilities already under development.


Please continue to add your votes and comments to this idea:

Thanks for the heads up Marc. Good to hear a solution is being worked on. Multiple even :) I’ll patiently will await it to become available. Kind regards.
Please bring back the TRIM feature. Thanks. This is standard on ANY (other) video sharing platform.

Until this gets fixed by Microsoft, I found a workaround in the meantime is by uploading the video into Stream Classic. It takes time but once it's published the trim feature will appear. Be patient and check often because the feature does appear. 


Also make sure to vote to add the feature to Stream (SharePoint) -

Uploading to Stream Classic in order to trim a video is shortsighted, given today's announcement of the retirement date for Stream Classic.

It is a bummer that trim isn't on video files hosted in SharePoint but doing an additiional upload/download is an extra step rather than just editing locally (Windows and Mac both have tools in the OS to trim videos).

@Marc Mroz Yes, the start and end time could work as a short-term solution.  Thanks.

Pleaes enable some sort of easy trimming for MS Teams recordings.
Please bring back standard Trim controls for users OR enable Stream recordings to be downloaded as mp4s. Trim was an internal hack that made the mp4 download viable and without it I'm now in a world of hurt trying to make and share a basic 2 minute screen recording that should be done by now but here I am commenting on a community thread. grrrr.

@Marc Mroz No! The trim feature is one of the most basic ones. Have you guys every been to a meeting? You know all those minutes spent waiting for other people or going through warm-ups? 

A quick trim is a must to start a video right, without forcing the viewer to skip around until they find the right time to start watching.

Jeez... You would think you want to improve the services as time goes by

I'm aghast that this needs to be pointed out. Is that hard to have a trim feature?
Is this option available today?

A bit late to this thread but adding my request to please bring this back! I used to trim the start and end all the time and now it takes so much longer 

Glad to hear it's coming back. I want users to just start watching content, not 2-15 minutes of setup and chit chat and "can you see my screen?" Simple trim should be a fundamental tool to allow us control over content. Thank you!
I need the exact same feature that was in Classic to function in Stream on SharePoint. I hate when Microsoft has functionality, upgrades their systems and doesn't keep the same functionality. Learn from your competitors. Do better, please, because not being able to trim a recorded video is requires yet another app or client. Be more comprehensive Microsoft.

I loved classic and I fully support why you are moving to the sharepoint model.  I was ready to go until I noticed that Trim feature was missing.  Trimming the front and back of videos is important.  Thank you for working on this solution. 

I agree with majority of other responses. For my work purposes, the ability to trim the videos of my Teams meetings is an essential feature. Please restore the ability to trim. Thank you. 

Disappointing how they take away features.  I wonder how they make these decisions... @BHBrookfield 

The feature is gone from the new Stream and the page to vote the change back, as with many other pages with many votes, is "missing." :unamused:

The following is NOT a SOLUTION BUT is what I do and what works for me and my situation:
1) Download the video from Streams and then delete it. (I also download the transcript as a .vtt file to be safe).
2) Upload the video to the Stream Classic (it suggests you to use the new version OR, tiny at the bottom, to keep uploading to Classic). I choose to upload it to Classic.
3) Upload the .vtt file I downloaded earlier as subtitle (I haven't taken the time to compare the A.I. auto captions on Classic VS. Auto caption on Streams SharePoint but, I rather have excess than not enough).
3) Trim it.
To me, this way is faster than downloading and editing in my favorite video editor (Davinci Resolve) and uploading back to the new Stream version. Granted, this is not a workaround for many people as most don't have access to fast download/upload internet speeds or hard drive space and because of that, this feature SHOULD BE BACK ASAP.

God bless you all with peace of mind and joy,
Virginia Ramunda-Marty