3 SharePoint admin, migration, and security on-demand session videos
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During Microsoft Ignite 2020, we announced several innovations for SharePoint administration and migration and security. In addition to this news, we produced three on-demand videos to provide a clear first look at these announcements plus showcase how to better manage and secure your productivity cloud investment.


SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 enables enterprise-grade content security in compliance with privacy and legal requirements. Beyond innovation, take a moment to learn more about the SharePoint admin role in Microsoft 365 to best manage sites, secure content, control external sharing, move content into Microsoft 365, manage metadata, and more.


SharePoint admin, migration, and security on-demand session videos [embedded]


1 | "Monitor and manage SharePoint in Microsoft 365" by Dave Minasyan, Rk Menon, and Trent Green

SharePoint admins, this session is for you. The intelligent intranet is personal, collaborative, and ever changing. In this session, Dave, Rk and Trent focus on upcoming enhancements to the SharePoint admin center - an updated home page, new site management, content services reporting, combined OneDrive admin settings, and more. Join in to see what's coming next to monitor and manage the state of your organization’s intranet get informed of all the latest enhancements, and utilize the new experiences to stay productive:



Learn more how to get started with the SharePoint admin center in Microsoft 365.           


2 | "What’s new to easily migrate your content to Microsoft 365" by Eric Warnke and Yogesh Rat naparkhi

Join Eric and Yogesh for a demo-driven session on how to migrate your organization’s content into Microsoft 365 with ease and speed! They focus on three areas: moving off legacy file shares, content from SharePoint Server on-premises, and other clouds storage providers like Box, Dropbox, and G Suite. Learn what’s possible with our comprehensive set of first-party tools, services, and partner ecosystem to successfully migrate your content to Microsoft 365:



Learn more about Migration Manager, the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), and Mover.            


3 | "What’s new in Security & Compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive [lead SPIN session]" by Sesha Mani

Microsoft runs on trust, as digital data grows exponentially in your organization it is super critical to safeguard your sensitive corporate data. Microsoft is leading the way in enterprise-grade security and comprehensive compliance solutions. In this session, Sesha showcases what's new and upcoming for SharePoint and OneDrive services in Security & Compliance areas. He also cover how Microsoft helps you achieve zero trust security with existing controls/policies in SharePoint and OneDrive:



Learn more the value and feature of OneDrive and SharePoint security and compliance


Bonus related session | "Microsoft Teams Administrator Updates for Compliance and Migration" presented by Jeff Teper and Jeremy Chapman.

Keep your users and data safe wherever they're working from, take a tour of all the recent upcoming updates for Microsoft 365 admins. As people work remotely or in hybrid work environments, potentially on unmanaged devices or less trusted networks, information protection is more important than ever. Jeff and Jeremy talk about and show a simple environment for everybody — from end-users to administrators, in a way where the data is secure and able to be accessed from any device, in any location:



Learn more about security controls in Microsoft 365 and migration options.


Additional admin, migration, and security resources


And like that, you're all set to better move into, manage and secure your SharePoint and OneDrive investment in Microsoft 365. :)



Mark Kashman, senior product manager – Microsoft 365 marketing

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