The Return of Sync Up: The Official OneDrive Podcast!
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Like this blog, the Sync Up Podcast is a one-stop shop for learning all about the latest and greatest features of OneDrive. Hosted by myself (Stephen Rice) and Arvind Mishra, each episode aims to shed light on how OneDrive connects you to your files, helps you share and collaborate anywhere and works seamlessly across your devices. We also strive to give you a behind the scenes look at how we build OneDrive and what might be coming down the path! 


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If you haven't listened or aren't subscribed, here are a few of the latest episodes!


Data on the Move - April 24, 2024

with Vishal Lodha, Yogesh Ratnaparkhi

Hold onto your hats, it's time for yet another episode of the Sync Up podcast! This week, hosts Stephen and Arvind are talking to migration and customer experts Vishal Lodha and Yogesh Ratnaparkhi about how to effectively migrate your content to OneDrive, whether you're starting on-prem or with another cloud provider. The team busts common migration myths and gives you the tools you need to get your own migration started!


Creating a new future in OneDrive - March 7, 2024

with Liz Scoble, Libby McCormick

This week on Sync Up, hosts Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra sit down with Liz Scoble and Libby McCormick to talk about how we're creating new creation experiences in OneDrive, and across Microsoft 365! After discussing our favorite underrated snacks, the team talks about Create.Microsoft.Com and the power of intent, then the new Create New experience that's rolling out in OneDrive soon! Don't forget to sign up for the OneDrive newsletter at


From Waterfalls to Weekly Releases - Engineering Excellence - February 6, 2024

with Steven Bailey, John Selbie

On this episode of Sync Up, hosts Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra sit down with two never-before-seen guests! First up, hear directly from the Corporate Vice President of OneDrive Engineering, Steve Bailey as he talks through the joys and challenges of managing one of Microsoft's largest services. Then go deep with John Selbie, one of OneDrive's esteemed engineering managers as he walks through the history of engineering at Microsoft and shares how the product gets made! Don't forget to sign up for the OneDrive newsletter at


A Copilot for your OneDrive - November 20, 2023

with Arjun Tomar, Lisa Miao

This month's episode of Sync Up is all about Copilot and AI! With Ignite wrapped up, it's time to talk about how we're bringing the power of AI to OneDrive, from your documents to your photos! Join Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra as they talk with AI experts Arjun Tomar and Lisa Miao about document summarization, organization, semantic search, face identification and more. If you're interested in learning more about the future of OneDrive, you won't want to miss this episode!


Behind the Scenes - The Future of File Management - October 04, 2023

with Jason Moore, Arwa Tyebkhan, Gaia Carini, Sesha Mani

OneDrive: The Future of File Management is here! On October 3rd, the team shared all the great news about the next generation of the OneDrive experience! This week, we're taking you behind the scenes with presenters Jason Moore, Arwa Tyebkhan and Gaia Carini right as they walked off the stage of this momentous occasion! Then, we dive deep with Sesha Mani on how OneDrive keeps your content secure, and your users productive! You won't want to miss this jam-packed episode of Sync Up!


I'm Syncing About OneDrive! - September 14, 2023

with Gaia Carini and Andrey Espiov

Sync your teeth into the latest episode of the Sync Up podcast! This week, Stephen and Arvind talk with OneDrive Sync experts Gaia Carini and Andrey Espiov about all the latest improvements to the OneDrive desktop experience! From new features that will knock your socks off to improvements on tried and true fundamentals, there's a lot to learn in this jam-packed episode!


Behind the Blue - OneDrive's New Design - August 2, 2023

with Christopher Wymer and Lyndsey Gill

The new OneDrive Design is on its way! On this episode of Sync Up, Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra discuss the colors, rounded corners and nuances of OneDrive's new look with expert designers Christopher Wymer and Lyndsey Gill! They walk through the inspirations, challenges and magic that went into bringing this new, refreshed OneDrive to your screens! 


Jason Moore Strikes Again - July 13, 2023

with Jason Moore

Jason Moore, former host of the Sync Up podcast, is back for a special bonus episode on the past, present and future of OneDrive! Join Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra as they talk with Jason Moore about OneDrive's history, as it grew from just an idea to a beta of 5000 users to the massive service that it is today! They talk about the early days of SkyDrive, how the product evolved over time and how it will continue evolve into the future! Stick around to the end for a sneak peak at Jason Moore's hit song about OneDrive!


A New Home for OneDrive! - June 29, 2023

with Lesha Bhansali and Ihcene Cheriet

OneDrive is getting a new home! Join Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra as they go behind the scenes of the latest OneDrive features in the Sync Up podcast. They talk with the experts and designers for three great features that are coming in the next two months! First, Lesha Bhansali lifts the veil on the new OneDrive Home, People View and Meeting Views that are designed to get you to your files as fast as possible. Second, Ihcene Cheriet will talk about the new, simplified Share Dialog that makes sharing easier than ever, and the new Manage Access experience which helps you stay in control of your content!


Sync Up Revived! - June 13, 2023

with Miceile Barret and Irfan Shahdad

The Sync Up Podcast is back! Stephen Rice and Arvind Mishra have brought the Sync Up podcast back from the brink to give you the best insights into the OneDrive product! This month, we talk about all the amazing features we announced at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference with Product Managers Irfan Shahdad and Miceile Barret! We talk about OneDrive Home, simplified sharing, colored folders (YES!), people and meeting views, new filters, and whether popcorn is better than M&M's for movie snacks. 


About the hosts

Stephen Rice is a Principal Product Manger for the OneDrive team, where he has worked the past 9 years. He focuses on enabling collaboration across Microsoft 365, whether you are working with partners inside or outside of your organization! In his free time, Stephen enjoys playing games such as Magic: The Gathering and enjoying Star Wars, which he reviews on his other podcast, the Ion Cannon Podcast.


Arvind Mishra is a Principal Product Manager on the OneDrive team, where he's worked for the past 1.75 years. Prior to Microsoft he worked at several consumer subscription startups, and way before that, he worked at Microsoft, as a Product Manager supporting the User Experience scenarios in Windows, including Search and Organization. Now that he's back at Microsoft, he's working on, surprise: consumer subscriptions, supporting OneDrive's efforts to help customers ensure all their important stuff is safely backed up to the cloud. In his spare time, he also enjoys all things Star Wars, and playing not enough video games.

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