Announcing Microsoft Flow for OneDrive For Business

Published 05-22-2017 09:38 AM 22.7K Views

Microsoft Flow enables users to create automated workflows between your favorite apps like OneDrive.  Today, we’re announcing the ability to launch Flow directly from OneDrive for our First Release customers and coming to all tenants over the next few months.


Microsoft Flow allows you to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data and more. You can turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. You can even make decisions in your workflow, like running an action only when specific conditions are met.


Let’s suppose you have a new document and you want to get members of your team to read it and update the document. Our new integration empowers you to build a Flow to inform your team and capture their input directly.


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We receive a lot of questions about how to govern the usage of Microsoft Flow. We recommend that Office 365 Admins review the data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities for Microsoft Flow. All Office 365 Admins can sign into the Flow administration site without the need for any additional licenses, and set up rules that determine how data can flow between different Office 365 components (such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Yammer) and other Microsoft and third party services. If you need more specific guidance on DLP and controlling user access to Flow, please check out our blog post announcing the general availability of Flow in Office 365 from last year, which covers these frequently asked questions.


Looking forward, we will roll out Microsoft Flow integration to our customers in the First Release program over the month of May, and based on telemetry and feedback, continue to roll it out to all our customers. We will continue to make additional improvements to Flow soon.  Please watch this space for announcements of these improvements and the progress of the rollout.


Hi @Stephen Rose - I'm not seeing this yet as of mid-August, and I'm on First Release. Is it still not fully rolled out to First Release? I'd like to be able to include it in my Flow presentation at SharePoint Saturday Cambridge on September 9... :)


Hi Sandy


There have been some delays in getting this rolled out. I checked with the team and it should be in your First Release tenant before Sept 9th,

Thanks so much for letting me know, @Stephen Rose! :)


@Sandy Ussia It should be live in your account now

Hm, not quite yet, @Randy Wong

I've got it now, @Randy Wong... I found I needed to switch First Release to my whole tenant - I'd had it set to Selected Users (i.e. my account) because that had been the way to get Forms in the beginning. All good - thanks for the follow-up!


Good feature but what if the customer doesn't want to have this feature i.e. because some internal or even legal policies do not allow its usage? Unfortunately I couldn't disable it - as possible on SPO team sites - with the Set-SPOSites -DisableFlow cmdlet. Is there another method to disable this feature?

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I have folders with workflows in "My Files" and want to move them to a "Shared" one drive.  If I move them to the "shared" one drive, will the workflows move with them?

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