Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days: Fundamentals

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I am currently preparing for the azure fundamentals certification and i was hoping to participate in a virtual training day in order to get prepared better, but also to acquire the free voucher for the exams.


I have noticed that there are no available dates, and that in the specification underneath 'Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals" the text has been changed from "you’ll be eligible to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam at no cost" to you’ll be eligible to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam".


Is the acquisition of the free voucher still available? 


And if so, are there new dates coming out soon?

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you can enroll yourself in the Azure fundamental training.

in case the session was full, just wait them to add new sessions most probably in April and when you complete the training you will receive a free voucher for the exam and usually it will appear in your learning profile as a discount when your are scheduling your exam

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Dear @KostasPe, if you are still looking for support or gudiance. message me pvt. will guide you
They do give vouchers after attending VTD. I have recently attended Azure AI and got the voucher. Thank YOu.