Microsoft 365 Administrator Blueprint Survey




Microsoft is updating a certification for Microsoft 365 Administrator, and we need your input through our exam blueprinting survey. 


The blueprint determines how many questions each skill in the exam will be assigned.  Please complete the online survey by November 15, 2022.  Please also feel free to forward the survey to any colleagues you consider subject matter experts for this certification.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rohan Mahadevan at or John Sowles at


Microsoft 365 Administrator blueprint survey link:

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@Liberty Munson Thank you for this Liberty, the link emailed out did not work. 


Question, is this going to be a new exam? or replacing an existing one?


Thank you


@Danourcloudnetwork the link seems to be working for me. Try copying and pasting into your browser instead. Note that you cannot complete it more than once so if you're using a shared computer, it's possible someone else already completed it on that computer. 

All good Liberty, thank you! Was just curious how this exam slots into the following path:
To be determined. Stay tuned.
Hi Liberty, just wanted to ask if any decision had been made about this exam?

@Danourcloudnetwork when we have updates, they will be posted on the blog