Issue with Lab training - Does not login into F&O

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The Lab does not perform point 5 of the instruction steps:"You'll see a PowerShell window and a Windows Command window appear. After about two to three minutes, they'll close and Microsoft Edge will open automatically. Wait for it to navigate to the Sign in page for Finance and Operations.".


So I manually go to Microsoft Edge and go to the F&O portal using the URL that you'll find under resources tab. Then I use also these credentials to login. But it tells me that my current credentials are unauthorized and thus it logs me back off.


Does someone got a solution? As I'm unable to test the things I've learned.


I've already tried multiple browsers and I'm always logged in into Microsoft Learn Platform.

I've also already created a support ticket but I was send to this community.

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If the lab fails to login to Finance & Operations app you can either run the AdminUserProvisioning program or reboot the virtual machine to see if that resolves the issue.