How to make Excel xlsm file run faster / smoother

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I am currently importing my source files into Power Query, then eventually exporting and loading the final query that I am working on into an excel worksheet (sheet 3), 49 Columns x 3150 rows 

On top of that, I do have 4 macros on 2 other sheets (sheet 1 and 2). Scatter charts on Sheet 1 and 2 that reference the final query that I've exported as a table on sheet 3.


The file size is 1.67 mb and gets lags whenever I want to save it. Every time I click onto a slicer it goes into the "file name (not responding)" mode for a while (approximately 10s), before eventually loading up. I understand that it is not considered too large to run but it is causing significant inconvenience.


How do I make the file run smoother? Can I not load the query into a table onto sheet 3 but still get the scatter plot to work? 

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This community is for things related to Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Certifications. I would recommend reaching out on the Microsoft Excel Community

@zyc93 Try your question in the Excel forum: The Microsoft Excel Community

Hi @Julian Sharp, so sorry that is my mistake. Will do that! 

@rhancock Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Will try there instead.