How to become Microsoft Azure Certified.!!

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How to become Microsoft Azure Certified.!!


Let’s begin with “Why should I learn”. There are multiple reasons why one should learn.

“When you have knowledge, you have the power to achieve many things. One of the most crucial reasons to learn something new is that you gain power when you do. This new-found power means you don't need someone else to fix that you own. You are empowered to do it yourself...!! You can do your day-to-day job with ease and confidence when you have that power. This power comes through learning and experience and can’t buy it.


And second question would be “Why should I certified...?. You should get certified for multiple benefits as described below, but not limited to,


Validation of knowledge

Increased marketability & earning power

Enhanced academic performance.

Improved reputation

Enhanced credibility

Increased confidence

Respect from peers

Top of your colleagues…and.the list goes on.


Now, let’s come to the point. Follow below steps to achieve your goal.


Access to Microsoft learner portal.

Register in with your current organization as this initiative is for enterprise level and it is one time activity. Start learn on your own using Microsoft learn tab after successful login into the portal.

Alternatively, you can register with any Microsoft id ( outlook, bing) and access learning portal and browse through certifications.


Pick your choice of certification:


Pick your suitable certifications from Start with fundamentals if you are new to azure cloud. That is the starting point then continue with associate and expert level certifications.


Decide, how do you want to complete material


There are multiple ways to prepare.1. Self-Paced (free) 2.Instrcutor-Led (paid) 3. Udemy, O’Reilly, etc..)

You can find the options at learning site ex: (scroll down for the options.)





How to prepare for exam:

It depends on each individual how much time they can spend to complete the courses. If you are quick learner, you can easily complete the course within few hours and couple of hours to through sample exam questions. Microsoft provide sample test through enterprise skill initiative at click on practice test. If you are able to score 80% 3 times, you are good to attempt final test.




How to book for exam:

You can book the exam using Pearson VUE ( Self)


and  Students or Instructors can book using Certiport



For more details visit the Microsoft learn site and refer under Certification exams section.

To pass the exam you must score at least 700 out of 1000 points. You can expect anywhere between 40 to 60 questions, and you should plan for 120-140 minutes of exam time. If you are taking the exam from home, add an additional 30 minutes for the check-in process.


What are the next steps?

Post your success in social networking sites, share with your peers and colleagues, and move further on your certification journey. That’s how job done.


Also refer my own azure certification journey and frequently asked questions.



Wishing you all the best and good luck for your certification journey.


Keep learning.

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