How can I download a full PDF copy version of MS Learn for AZ-500 and SC-100 please ?

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It will be helpfull to have a full PDF version PDF version of  MS Learn for AZ-500 and SC-100.

I need to be able to read Microsoft Learn  AZ-500 and SC-100 through an application on my phone as an audio book. Does Microsoft offer an audio version of the Microsoft learn ? It will be very helpful if that was offered.



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Simply, you can't download the Learn modules as PDFs and there is no audio book available as far as I know
Both books are available as kindle books from a Amazon or e-books from Microsoft press . Through either iPhone or MS edge you can have anything on the screen (edge) or application (ios) read to you in any language with a large number of choices for reading voices and speeds. For English you have multiple voice choices of accent (American, British, Australian and more) and multiple voices both male and female for each. On iOS go to settings, accessibility, voice over. It will read any kindle book or really anything on the screen but is smart enough to read the whole book or whole url. It is a computer voice but if you are pressed for time and need to be getting at least 2 things at once, it works. I think its great as a pre-read or post-read review ... I guess that depends upon how your well your brain processes a computer voice. Yes, audible books for all of this are greatly needed. Keeping up and working 50 hours a week is a real challenge
The books are not MS Learn content. Microsoft Press books are created independently of Microsoft Learn and as an author of a Microsoft Press book (AI-900) I was not allowed to copy any of the Learn content. Both MS Learn and Microsoft Press books do aim to cover topics in the exams. However, MS Learn should be up to date whereas Microsoft Press books may not reflect changes made to the exams since they were published (SC-200 September 2021 and AZ-500 May 2022)

But if you need an audiobook then I guess Microsoft Press books are really the only option currently.

@Julian Sharp 

Right they are not learn. However, you can Learn a lot for the exam from them (although some of them are way out of date).  MS Learn will always be the most up to date and MS Learn can be read and made audible by either IOS or the reader voice in available through Edge.  MS Learn can be consumed by listening to the audible (not the company rendering.  Although, computer reading, which has come a very long way, is not the easiest audible rendering to listen to (at least not for me) it takes a lot more concentration than listening to a human the reading text.  Thats why I say its good for a review or a pre-read (or listen) in this case.  I will be going through the AI series too so that's neat to get to talk to an author.   Also, I guess I could read them to myself and record that (for my own listening) but it's all just evolving so fast.  I have a LONG list of MS Learn sections I need to go through for knowledge of and surrounding the AZ-104, then the AZ-204 ,  and on and on.  MS Learn is fantastic resource.

Oh, and the SC-100 has a new version coming out in 3/5/2023. Amazon will only let you pre-order the paperback, but MS press lets you pre-order the e-book.