Help to contact to Reschedule DA-100 Exam

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Dear all, @NancyTandy and @allisonkraker 


My apologise in advance but I´m very frustrated. I need help and I don´t find out the way to contact. I´ll explain below.


I have the DA100 scheduled tomorrow at 10:30 am in a face-to-face exam center and for personal reasons that I can justify, I will not be able to attend the exam. I have tried to reschedule the exam more than 24 hours in advance and it has not been possible, but I have been trying for hours to see how to contact Pearson VUE and they do not have an enabled contact.


It is exasperating, I enter the Pearson VUE panel from the Microsoft certification panel, which offers me "If you need assistance, contact customer service.", this customer service center doesn't solve anything, because my examination center doesn't appear in the list of organizations. There is no other way to contact Pearson VUE, because another contact link appears in the footer that takes you to the same previous website (customer service). From the Microsoft certification panel similiar thing happens, there is no way to contact anyone, at least urgently. 


Honestly, I don't think this is the way to treat a test-taker, a future partner in a next future maybe, neither nobody. Microsoft or the exam provider must always be accesible for the test-taker, one of them at least.


I need help to reschedule my exam for tomorrow, at least I need to contact urgently with anybody of Microsoft or Person VUE.


Please, anybody could help me?


Thanks a warm regards.

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Hi- PearsonVue have a live chat available from this page:

Hopefully they'll be able to help you re-book your exam.

On last Monday the chat wasn´t avalaible. I´ll try it.

Thanks a lot