Error while trying to get to my exam appoinment

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I have an scheduled appoint for today at 6:45 PM, since 6:15 im trying to get into my appointment without luck.

Every try i click the "Check in to start examen" this error appears, im trying to call to personVue but they are not available on saturdays.


OnVUE check-in can not be started at this time.

Why can't I begin my exam check-in process?

An unexpected technical problem occurred while launching the OnVUE application. Try clicking the "Check-in to start exam" link on your email again.

If you need any assistance, please contact customer service.

Date and time: 2021-08-01 17:42:35.970 CDT


What should i do?

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There isn't much you can do except contact Pearson Vue support on the link in your post and reschedule your exam or contact Certification Support at

They should reschedule you for free if you have had problems

Before your exam run a system test to make sure everything is working properly