Enrolling as new MCT - are some options missing?

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I want to register as a new MCT but it seems the option where the official institution where I held trainings can verify my experience is now missing? The only option is to upload documents for verification? Am I doing something wrong?

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Enrolment criteria has changed and you need to hold a recognised training qualification. The referral/organisational verification option has been retired, though I do not think the Docs page has been updated yet to show this.

@Sara Fennah Does this mean she only needs to upload documents and she's in? Or will it fail on her, regardless of what she uploads at this time? Do you know when the application tool will be available and working correctly?

I understand that the enrolment tool is not due to be live until July (no exact date). I do not know how it is going to work, but previously qualifications were checked before MCT status was confirmed. Going back to my enrolment, it took a couple of weeks for verification of qualifications.