DA-100 is now live


Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI is now live. If you took the beta exam, you should start to see scores over the new few days. For more information on the exam, the certification details, as well as ways to prepare check out the Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Association certification. 

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Finally got the results. Passed it. Thank you! :)

@allisonkraker  I found out this by accident over weekend as was going to schedule my AZ-900 exam and saw I had passed the Beta DA-100 - yah !  My question though, being this a newbie to certifications - I was expecting to receive an email alert that I had passed ?  Should I have received an email as otherwise I wouldn't of known if hadn't happen to logon to my dashboard.  Appreciate feedback and so happy I passed this :)

Hello @PowerBeeEye,


Congrats on your pass! Unfortunately, there is no notification for exam results. As per the usual process, you'd get your results instantly, and I suppose for the special case of beta exam results such a solution was not considered. I myself checked the page every workday, plus the Twitter-Feed of @LibertyMunson, who would usually send out a post when the results go live.


The pass on the dashboard is nice, BUT I was worried about having not passed, in which case the dashboard would not show this result and you'd have to walk through to the PearsonVUE website to see the Fail. Perhaps an E-mail notification for the results of beta exams would be nice, everyone would want to know after weeks and months, even if it is a fail.

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@allisonkraker I was wondering if there is a place to find the sample files shown in the associated learning paths for this certification? Thanks so much for any direction you can provide! 

@austin950 If you start the lab you will have access to a virtual machine with the lab files.

They are on the D: drive

I suspect they are on GitHub somewhere but I can't find the repository.

Hi @allisonkraker 


I cannot find the files referenced in this mod anywhere


Here's a link to the screen shot for Employee Data.xlsx


I have ADHD and been locked in some weird demented hyper focus zone trying to find this file now for 4 days and instead of finding the file, I have instead wasted these days but managed to download 20GB worth of irrelevant documentation, files, videos etc that seemed at the time to be a plausible research path.


I am tearing my hair out.  Please can you help?



a mental person :(




@traceytmltrainingonm You are getting confused between the content that explains the concepts and the labs. The link and the screenshot you posted are describing how to prepare data. This is not a step by step lab/exercise. There are no files.


The lab is further on in the module When you launch the lab you will find all the file you need to complete the lab

Top bloke! @Julian Sharp 


Thank you!  Being confused sounds about right :)


Thanks so much for your help.