Introducing Microsoft’s New Security Certifications

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Microsoft is launching a new portfolio of security certifications! Help us launch these exams with style by taking them in beta and providing the feedback that we need to ensure they are of the highest quality. Here are the current options:


Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

Do you collaborate with organizational stakeholders to secure information technology systems for the organization and reduce organizational risk by rapidly remediating active attacks in the environment? Do you advise on improvements to threat protection practices and refer violations of organizational policies to appropriate stakeholders? Do you investigate, respond to, and hunt for threats using Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, Microsoft 365 Defender, and third-party security products?  Welcome to the world of Security Operations Analyst. Learn more about this exam: SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst.


Exam SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator

Do you design, implement, and operate an organization’s identity and access management systems by using Azure AD?  Do you manage tasks such as providing secure authentication and authorization access to enterprise applications? Do you troubleshoot, monitor, and report the identity and access environment? If so, you are the right person to be taking the new Microsoft Identity and Access exam. Learn more about the exam: SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator.


Exam SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator

Do you plan and implement controls that meet organizational compliance needs? Do you translate requirements and compliance controls into technical implementation and assist organizational control owners to become and stay compliant?  Do you work with stakeholders to implement technology that supports policies and controls necessary to sufficiently address regulatory requirements for their organization? Do you define applicable requirements, test IT processes and operations against those policies and controls, and create policies and rules for content classification, data loss prevention, governance, and protection? If so, it sounds like you’re an Information Protection Administrator, and we need your help. Learn more about the exam: SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator.


Exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Are you looking to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services and demonstrate to others that you have that knowledge? Be one of the first to do just that by taking the new Microsoft Security Fundamentals exam while it’s in beta. Learn more about the exam: SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.


To receive the 80% discount*, use the code below when prompted for payment.


Microsoft Security Operations Analyst



Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator



Microsoft Information Protection Administrator



Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals


This is NOT a private access code. You can use this code to register for and take the exam on or before March 15, 2021.


*The first 300 people who register can take these exams for an 80% discount! (Why beta exams are no longer free.) The seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You must register for the exam on or before March 15, 2021. Take the exam as soon as possible, so we can leverage your comments, feedback, and exam data in our evaluation of the quality of the questions.


Preparing for Beta Exams


Taking a beta exam is your chance to have a voice in the questions we include on the exam when it goes live. The rescore process starts on the day that exams go live, and final scores are released approximately 10 days later. For updates on when the rescore is complete, follow me on Twitter (@libertymunson). For questions about the timing of beta exam scoring and live exam release, see the blog posts The Path from Beta Exam to Live Exam and More Tips About Beta Exams.


Remember, the number of spots is limited, so when they're gone, they're gone. You should also be aware that there are some countries where the beta code will not work (including Turkey, Pakistan, India, and China). You will not be able to take the beta exam in those countries.


Also keep in mind that these exams are in beta, which means that you will not be scored immediately. You will receive your final score and passing status after your exam is live.


Answers to your questions

Will these new certifications replace MS-500 or AZ-500 certification?
No, there is currently no plan to replace those certifications. The new certifications do not replace ALL the objective­s tested on the MS-500 or AZ-500 certification exams.


I’ve been certified on the existing security certifications MS-500 “Microsoft 365 Security Administrator” or AZ-500 “Azure Security Engineer.” How are the new Security, Compliance, and Identity certifications different?

The new Security, Compliance, and Identity certifications are more focused on more discreet job roles.  For example, whereas the Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500) Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate (MS-500) certifications are composed of about 25% Identity and Access Management objectives, the new Identity and Access Administrator certification (exam SC-300) is entirely focused on identity and access management. 


Another example – the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate certification (exam MS-500) was composed of 15-20% information protection objectives, whereas the Information Protection Administrator Associate certification (exam SC-400) is entirely focused on those objectives.


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Occasional Contributor

The link for the registration doesn't work. The web page is blank.

New Contributor

Hi @Liberty Munson / MS,


I am from India.

I tried registering for exam SC-900 using the discount code above for 13th March, but it says that the code is not valid for registrations from India.


Could you advise if there's a different code, or is the exam not available altogether on discount for us here?


Thanks & Regards,


Hi Team,

Currently I only saw the slide for SC-900 for Trainer, 

When the other SC-200,SC-300,SC-400 release?

Thank you.


@MSiva The codes do not work in India, Pakistan, China, or Turkey. Because we have significant problems with piracy in those countries, we have chosen not to make the beta codes available there. This is noted in the blog post above.


@ReyLadaga If you have problems registering, please contact Certification Support at


@Eng Soon Cheah I'm not sure I understand your question. All of these exams are currently available in beta.

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I already took first two of these and plan to take the third next week. When will I know if I passed? (After beta period ends, I know, but when should I expect a result?)


b.t.w. great job in building these certifications. We need to have laser focus on security functionality / possibility and knowledge around security. Thanks :)



Ken Hyld

@Liberty Munson Currently in the MCT Training Portal had release the SC-900 Trainer Slide and Microsof Learning GitHub Repo also release the SC-200,SC-300 and SC-400 Lab exercise.

May I ask about when the SC-200,SC-300,SC-400 training material release?



@Eng Soon Cheah please reach out to the MCT Forum for these types of questions.


@Ken Hyld Beta exams are rescored when the exams go live. The process takes about 10 business days, so you will get your score about 2 weeks after the exams go live. Thanks for the feedback.

New Contributor

@Liberty Munson - When do these exams go live. Any tentative dates.


@Munesh17 it will be the next few months. I cannot be more specific than that at this time.

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Even though March 15th has passed the SC-900 exam page still says beta. Is this exam still in beta just without the promo code? If so, then when could I expect my test results? If this exam is out of beta, will I receive my exam results immediately? Please let me know. Thank you.


@carlarjenkins the dates in the blog post were just the end of the discounted pricing opportunity. We are analyzing the beta results and finalizing the exam for live publication; this takes about 4-6 weeks. Beta exams will be rescored about 10 business days after the exam is live. No scores are available immediately until the exam goes live. That's the definition of "live." :)

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@Liberty MunsonThanks. So do not take this SC-900 exam right now since Microsoft is rescoring the beta exam results? I just want to make sure that I am following protocol and not delaying any process. If I can take it, would my result be scored like the other beta test takers just without the promo code? Please let me know. Thank you again.


@carlarjenkins you absolutely can take any of these exams right now, but you'll pay full price and need to wait for your score... but if you're OK with that, feel free. :) 


(you will be scored at the same time as any one who takes the exam before it goes live regardless of whether they used the discount code or not--you are all considered beta testers)




I've took the SC-900 today and I'm curios how I did perform ;)


Any timely horizont when the beta will be done - and the exams are scored?


Did not find any info around here...


Thanks Björn




@bjoernhoefer as I noted earlier in the comments, betas are rescored 10 days after the exam goes live. I cannot be more specific than that at this time, but it will be in the next month or so.

Senior Member

The SC-900 Your Acclaim badge is out. Does this mean that the SC-900 beta exam results are close to being scored and released? Please let us know. Thank you.

Community Manager

Thanks for the question @carlarjenkins - just a quick note that we have removed the link you've included as we don't allow third-party advertising. Sorry about that.

Senior Member

@Eric Starker Okay is there an official timetable answer about receiving the SC-900 exam scores? Thank you.

Community Manager

No problem - I'm a community manager here rather than a certification expert, so I'm unable to answer your question, but hopefully you'll get an answer here soon. 


@carlarjenkins At this time, nothing has changed in my previous responses to this question. The exam will likely go live later this month and beta exams will be rescored about 10 after that.

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Hi Guys,


Any known date for the exam to go live? Waiting on results.. :)


Greetz Jordy


 The exam will likely go live later this month and beta exams will be rescored about 10 after that.

New Contributor

Results for SC-300 taken early Feb have started to come through :stareyes:.


Fingers crossed to others still waiting for the results!


Cool, when did you take the exam?

Senior Member

@Chris MooreCool. This is great to know that there's starting to be movement on these Microsoft Security beta exams.

New Contributor

@bjoernhoefer 7th Feb, and a colleague took their SC-300 around the same time - they have also received their result, but SC-200 results from an exam taken a few days later have not yet come through.


All SC exams have dropped their beta status as of today, so hopefully not much longer to wait! :crossed_fingers:


(you will be scored at the same time as any one who takes the exam before it goes live regardless of whether they used the discount code or not--you are all considered beta testers)

I hope the rest of our SC-300 results will be appearing soon as mine still just says "taken" despite the above comment, although I only took it a couple of weeks ago so maybe the questions had been tweaked/adjusted through the beta process, fingers crossed the result is eventually positive!


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Got the SC-300 results, but no Badges have appeared yet.

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