A new way to find AI-ready Microsoft Training Services Partners
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If you feel like the pace of change is making it harder to maintain a staff with the right skills, you’re among the 66% of IT decision-makers who reported dealing with skills gaps on their teams in 2023.1 With AI and Microsoft Copilot advancing every day, you and your team members need a trusted source for fast, targeted, and effective training with the expertise to deliver the latest up-to-the-minute skills. There’s no source better prepared than Microsoft Training Services Partners (TSP). In as little as under a week, TSPs can get team members trained in a new skill or role to maximize on emerging technologies such as AI engineering and other roles.


Filling skills gaps in an accelerated world with new TSP designation   

We are excited to announce the Solutions Partner for Training Services designation for organizations delivering technical training on Microsoft Cloud technologies. Qualified partners receive designation-specific badges distinguishing their services from other partner types within the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. These badges greatly enhance discoverability, making it easier for you to identify partners with unique expertise and a proven track record of delivering quality training. These new badges reflect updated accreditations a TSP has earned to validate their ability to impart necessary skills. The badges mean that this TSP can deliver the right training and credentials to ensure everyone in your organization is ready for tomorrow’s advances.  


Learn why this Microsoft leader recommends these trainers.



Why the new training partner designations? 

Times have changed. Research shows that IT leaders face new challenges such as delays in product release and difficulties in reaching revenue growth goals when skills aren’t constantly refreshed. By 2025, some 90% of organizations will feel the impact of the skills shortage, costing $6.5 trillion worldwide in delayed product releases, reduced customer satisfaction, and loss of business.2 Organizations that embrace continuous learning as part of their everyday routine are better positioned to overcome these challenges, giving them a significant advantage in today’s business environment. Skilling programs improve employee performance and productivity while also reducing hiring and training costs overall.3  


It’s now more important than ever that you feel confident that the new skills you invest in will produce the returns you deserve and expect. Training Services Partners with the new Solution Area badges provide a Microsoft-verified way to distinguish training partners with the right capabilities at first glance by: 


  • Confirming the credibility of the Training Services Partners as a key resource to ensure teams are skilling up with high-quality training. 
  • Demonstrating that they offer more relevant and up-to-date training needed for our shifting technological environment.


The Microsoft Solution Area badges  

Identifying the Training Services Partners who have training expertise in one or more of the six areas of Microsoft technologies is simple and straightforward. Just look for one of the seven new badges on their materials and websites. Examples include:   


  • TSBadge_color_Infra.png
    Solution Partner for Infrastructure


  • TSBadge_color_DataAI.png
    Solutions partner for Data & AI (Azure)


  • TSBadge_color_DigiApp.png
    Solutions partner for Digital & App Innovation (Azure)


  • TSBadge_color_ModernWork.png
    Solutions partner for Modern Work


  • TSBadge_color_Security.png
    Solutions partner for Security


  • TSBadge_color_BizApps.png

    Solutions partner for Business Applications


  • TSBadge_color_MSCloud.png
    Solutions partners for Microsoft Cloud* 
    (*This badge indicates the TSP has earned all six of the previous designations.) 


Each designation is aligned to Microsoft solution areas for Microsoft Cloud Technologies where partners have demonstrated success delivering training solutions. That means your team members and customers can be confident that you and your teams have been trained in the most current skills by Microsoft-approved training partners. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.


Keep your employees and teams ahead of the rapidly changing skill requirements in your field. Get expert training that can only come from an authorized Microsoft Training Services Partner. Explore Training Services Partners with Microsoft solution area designations to fit your needs today

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