WiFi Device Configuration Profile - Error WindowsWifiEnterpriseEAPConfiguration 0x87d1fde8


After assigning our first WiFi Device Configuration Profile, most of our devices are now non-compliant, with the following error...

SETTING: WindowsWifiEnterpriseEAPConfiguration
STATE: Error
SOURCE PROFILES: Source Profile WiFi PeckhamData
ERROR CODE: 0x87d1fde8
ERROR DETAILS: Remediation failed

When researching this error, I found an older blog post about how to create a custom OMA-URI policy to deploy WiFi settings...

Deploy Wi-Fi profiles to Windows Phone devices with Microsoft Intune OMA-URI policy

In this article, there is a reference to the error we are receiving.

There is an undocumented value which requires for the hex value of the Wi-Fi name. This value should be added before the SSID name (see example below). If this value is not configured, the Wi-Fi profile will function but Microsoft Intune will report this as an error (0x87D1FDE8) non-compliant.

Could it be that the new(er) WiFi Configuration Type is not properly configuring the "hex value of the Wi-Fi name"? And, if this is a bug, how would I report it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@Nathan Hartley So I am getting this same error message but I didn't find that custom URI link sadly, so thanks for sharing!

Sadly the policy isn't working for me though as suggested that it should but report an error without the hex value. Just wanted to share to add to this detail in case anyone else comes across this.

@RossLyons, thanks for reminding me, that I forgot to update this thread...


I have worked around this problem by using the following instructions to export a working Wi-Fi profile's configuration XML, then deploying this through Intune.

Import Wi-Fi settings for Windows 8.1 and later devices in Microsoft Intune


Here is an example of the export command, which requires Administrator rights.

netsh wlan export profile name="WiFiProfile" key=clear folder=.\


Here is documentation for the XML export schema, in case you might need to customize it.

Amazing, thanks for replying!
I will give this a go.