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Unable to deploy app to device, rather than user context

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Unsuccessful in my attempts to deploy an MSI via Intune. I want to target the device context for deployment, but the drop-down to select this option is disabled in the Intune assignment GUI. There is a caveat about device context installs not being available to Windows 10 prior to 17134.81/May 2018 release, but that doesn't apply here, since the devices I'm attempting to assign are past that build. Any ideas?






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Hi Bob,


your problem is based on the MSI itself. The MSI can have properties to control execution context:




Here an example based on 7-zip, during upload the MSI itself will tell you what is available:




And during configuration you can limit this to a certain context then:




I guess your MSI package has a defined user execution context.


Can you check this please?




I would like clarification, also.  



Deploying MSI over MDM in device context is not supported yet on Windows 10 devices."


From this article:



Hi. Please check MSI property ALLUSERS:


ALLUSERS=1 for Device Context

Remove property ALLUSERS for User Context

ALLUSERS=2 enables to choose context from dropdown list