'System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\mdm' safe to delete?


so currently, whilst looking at storage cleaning for devices we have noticed that the following folder has a lot of cached MSI files.




usually, we like to leave this alone.  But we are looking to spin up a virtual machine to see if its safe to delete the contents.   Has anyone had any issues deleting the contents?


currently, on a few machines that there are a lot of files (16gb worth).  some are nearly the same size.  are these failed installations?



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Normally LOB apps (MSI as an example) which are deployed with Intune are temporarily cached on the location you are mentioning, after the msi is installed on the device by the intune management extension it would normally clean up that folder...

Just check my own device which is being used for testing everything :) ... the folder is empty.. so I guess if they are old installation files, it should be safe to delete them.. It looks like they failed to install.

are intune packaged apps also cached to that folder?
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In my last blog, I showed where the win32 apps are downloaded (bottom of the page)