Surface Hub and WUfB updates status?


I recently converted Surface Hubs from using WSUS to using Windows Update for Business. 
I can see them in Intune and “End user update status” says up to date, but last scan time still says “Not scanned yet” after several days. How can we trigger the scan time to update?


How can we remotely verify that the current updates are actually installed?

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@Rudy_Ooms_MVP It’s a Surface Hub running the Windows 10 Teams 2020 operating system. 
It doesn’t use Group Policy.

My bad.. I did not look into the policies you can apply to the surface hub.  I was looking at the policy csp but I needed to look at the policy csp support by surface hub of course.Telemetry is indeed not one of them

How was wsus configured? No old stuck settings


It was configured in Intune to point to WSUS. I denied that policy to a group we will test WUfB with and applied the WUfB policy for those systems.
The Surface Hubs are successfully getting Windows Updates, but the last scan date never updates from not scanned yet.
Is there any way to view status of individual updates from Intune or does that scan need to complete successfully first?