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Has anyone been able to make a start menu config change from intune lately? <Startmenu-Properties\Device Restrictions> I can't upload and save my .xml layout at the moment, this used to work but isn't anymore. I used to be able to do this in IE, but now it "uploads" the .xml (Supposedly) but doesn't "ingest" the file contents, so it doesn't work. If I do it in Chrome it appears to work as I would expect, uploads the file, ingests the contents but it won't save at the moment. The following error is presented, this has been happening for at least the last 24 hrs.

Request ID: 4a668ba3-226a-48b8-b13c-9583b3534fa4.

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@memememm-31945 I haven't been able to reproduce your issue.  Is this still occurring?  Does it occur in a different browser?

If you need to open a support ticket, I can tell you that the engineer will want the F12 logs from your browser while you reproduce the issue.

Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply, turns out it was a syntax error, and I have been able to resolve it now, it was just a coincidence that IE won't work so it threw me off, and those error messages aren't particularly helpful. It still doesn't ingest it using IE; I am starting to notice a few things that won't work under IE now, (the GPO preview only works under Chrome, in IE it is either a blank page or a rain-cloud ...) Chrome seems to be the only option going forward.
IE is pretty much deprecated at this point, so I recommend using a modern browser like Edge or Chrome going forward.
Yes, I have seen the articles where MS is wanting to kill off IE, but by all accounts Edge doesn't seem like an option? I would be happy to use edge if that is the goal going forward but it seems like it is about 5 years behind in development. It seems to have some good features (the sand-boxed browser session for some websites), I hope MS starts focusing on it, but I get the feeling they don't care about Edge either.