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I am wondering whether there is a way to speed up domain joined devices to appear in Intune. I've been dealing with several devices recently and noticed that some of them showed up in Intune quite fast (within 2 hrs lets say) and other takes several hours / whole night to show up there without any "enrolment failures" or "incomplete enrolment" showed for them....


We run hybrid scenario with Azure AD Connect running on VM in Azure. I set up laptops in the office with access to that VM etc.... Intune enrolment is enabled via GPO...


Wondering - why it takes much longer for some device to show up in Intune than other? We use the same laptop brand/model for all...

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Some general tips and considerations that may help you speed up the process:

  • Ensure that the devices have a stable and reliable internet connection. Inconsistent or slow network connections can delay the enrollment process.
  • Confirm that Azure AD Connect is running and synchronizing regularly. If there are synchronization issues, it may impact the speed at which devices appear in Intune.
  • Double-check the Group Policy Object (GPO) settings applied for Intune enrollment. Ensure that there are no conflicting or misconfigured policies that might be causing delays.
  • Use the Intune troubleshooting logs to identify any issues during the enrollment process. Logs can be found on the device in the following path: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs.


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Yep... when you created that gpo to enroll devices into intune
-it could take some time before that gpo will arrive on the device
-That gpo will create a scheduled task to trigger the enrollment... that also takes sometime
(logging off/logging on , rebooting could help a bit)
-The scheduled task will use the aad token to start the mdm enrollment , it does so bu using the deviceenroller.... What happens when you try to do it manually ?

-Could you share some info about how you set up that device exactly?