Solution: Intune enrolled iOS device native contact sync issues with Outlook

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iOS native contacts sync with Microsoft Outlook for devices enrolled with Intune had few issues. I've been facing this issue for quite some time and finally after many months of troubleshooting, support calls, I was able to find the solution. and this video explains the solution and made a video hoping that this would help many other admins!

Would love to hear from you all

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@Ambarish RH The solution is flawed if you don't want users to be able to sync mail to their native email app. They can go into the the configuration and enable email sync. I have not found a way to only allow contact syncing to an iphone native app using active sync. 

@KMCOMAS @You can use conditional access to restrict emails only to be used by outlook instead of native email

@Ambarish RH This won't work if you have hidden the Native Mail App because Outlook for iOS is you default Mail App. My scenario is: I can get the Contacts to sync between Outlook on the desktop, Outlook for iOS and to the Native Contacts. The issue I'm having is when creating a Contact in the Native Contacts App, its not syncing with either Outlook.

Hi @J-Intune were you able to find a solution to your scenario? I'm in the same boat as you