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Is there a way to get a software inventory?  For exmaple, can I get a report of all applications, and version installed on a computer (or groups of computers)?  It would be great if the report would also show the last time the applcation was updated.  



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The new azure portal is your answer, and shows all apps installed on devices and version number. Unsure in last updated section but you could tell that by version number. 


Happy to post up a screenshot if you want a view 

I may have asked the wrong question.  Sorry if I mess up the product names.  


My understanding is that there are two versions of inTune.  InTune Legacy - This requires an install and runs as a process in the background on the local computer.  It also requires techs to use IE to manage the computers.   InTune Azure AD - This does not require an install of an app on the local computer and can be managed by the tech using Edge, or Chrome.  


From what I have been told the Azure version does not collect software inventory, and you cannot force patches down to the computer.  Is this correct?


Thanks in advance

Also does the Azure software inventory only provide you the inventory of software that was downloaded from the Windows AppStore?  So if the computer has Chrome, or Adobe Acrobat that was a direct download, would it have this in the inventory.


Thanks again