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'Setup assistant with modern authentication' question

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Hello all

Hoping you can help. it was suggested we change the Authentication Method under Management Settings in our enrollment profile to Setup assistant with modern authentication but when testing during the iphone setup after 'choosing a network' we get 'Remote Management' but rather than just getting a next button to click we get a Remote Management screen with a log in username and password. However, even though we enter known usernames and passwords we always get a pop up message saying 'Your credentials are either missing or wrong. Try again'.

I am obviously missing something and was hoping someone may be able to point us in the right direction.


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@meravensdown Check if you have MFA enabled. If yes, disable it and exclude Intune enrollment from Conditional Access policy if user is a part of this.


Can you share a screenshot of the Login Prompt? You may have to use Managed Apple ID to login, have you tried that?

Hello! Did you get a fix for this? I've been testing this process out and the modern auth prompt has been working fine but suddenly got same issue you mentioned without changing anything..