Security baseline for windows 10 - Onedrive toghter with Teams

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I have activated Security baseline for Windows 10 on some test clients. All settings are default.

When it is activated on the clients, PowerPoint presentations do not work in Teams. Live presentation that you can select when you are in a meeting (you can see all your PowerPoints) do not display any files at all. Select files from OneDrive do not work, the screen only displays gray rows.

When I remove the clients from the baseline everything works fine.


Where do I start troubleshooting amongst all settings?

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Take a look at this link. Under "Defender" search for the word "Office". There're about 5 rules which block Office apps from child processes. Those would be the most likely suspects to adjust in the policy; set them to Audit mode. These Intune baselines are strict by default, so pilot them adequately before rolling out to full production.


List of the settings in the Windows 10/11 MDM security baseline in Intune 


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Im doing some investigation on this. It takes some time before all settings comes back after removeing one device from the baseline. I also found out that Teams recording do not work when default baseline is activated.
I will have you informed on this.
Looks like the policy you mentions above also have something to do with Teams recording.
Now evrything works for me. Thansk