Report On Combined Data from Intune & Azure AD

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Hey there,


Is there a way to generate a combined report on data from Intune & Azure AD? For instance, I'd like to get a list of all devices along with Join Type, Owner, MDM, and Activity from AAD and then get Ownership, Last Check-in, and Primary User UPN from Intune. I've pulled the data from each into Excel but I don't see a common field I can reference. Started to think about PowerShell or PowerBI but a bit lost about those possibilities.




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There is no out of box report that combines the two, best to use PowerBI, you may use upn or device name as the relationship.


@@Moe_Kinani - That's sort of where I landed but I have little experience with PowerBI. Any references for this approach?

Hi @DGMalcolm,


Many ways you can do it, the easier is to export the data from Azure AD and Intune, then import to PowerBI as CSV files. After importing - Navigate to Model Tab - Manage Relationship - Select Device name from Azure AD and Device Name from Intune - Many to Many relationships. After that done, navigate Report Tab - Select Table on Visualization - Select Columns from both tables. 


Sorry about the delay in response and hope this helps!


@Moe_KinaniPushing me toward PowerBI was helpful. I got the Intune part quickly, it was the AAD that was harder. Then I found this article:


Using that I was able to get a connection to AAD then, using your recommendations of the relationships, I was able to get some level of integration. It's still a work in progress but thank you!

Glad it’s working for you!