Removing or Unenrolling a Shared iPad from Intunes

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Hello,  I've managed to enroll two iPads as Shared iPads but find myself in need to remove, or Unenroll both for different reasons.  I've searched high and low for "how" to actually unenroll these iPads and hope someone can point me in the correct direction.  I've followed the steps shown in this document to enroll them, but nowhere does it indicate how to actually Unenroll them.  The closest I've come was some reference that I'd have to remove them from the Apple side of the fence.  Any assistance would be appreciated!!



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Hi @JimDango, is the problem that a device wipe initiated from Intune doesn't work? In that case, I found the following that maybe can help you

"iPads wont run any command remotely while a user is logged in, if you want to do install and app or upload a profile the ipad must be fully logged out."

Hello Tobias, thanks for responding! Though it's not exactly intuitive, I managed to figure out "how" to remove, or unenroll Apple devices - you have to go into Apple Business Manager and remove the Intune MDM assignment. After some period of time, Intunes will show that the device is not "connection" to Intunes, and can be deleted. You would then reset the Apple device to factory.