Profile settings showing error 50003 when trying to block adult content.

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So I created a policy that will not apply to devices even after the MDM profile is added. The devices I am adding this to are apple devices (mainly iphones).


I am trying to block adult content on devices but when I am finished making changes to the policy, it goes to settings status: error then it has an error code 50003. I have check Microsoft documentation and cannot find any solution regarding this. Is there anything I can do to get this error to go away? When going through Microsofts documentation, I found the error but it basically said that I needed to wait. I don't think it is a waiting problem. Within Intune, I am going to devices -> iOS/iPadOS ->configuration policies -> I created a policy called restrictions-iPhone (platform: iOS/iPadOS, Policy Type: Settings Catalog.)


The device shows up after I have the user sign into the company portal and add the MDM profile onto their phone. When I click on the device, I see settings with the status "error" with the error code 50003. I tried googling a fix for this and even checked microsofts documentation but could not find out how to resolve this.


I am blocking adult content via intune using the "deny lists URLs\web content filter" setting name. For all websites, I put https://<websitenamehere>.<whatever extension> (like for example.


I tried doing some research on this but I could not find any resources on how to resolve this. I was advised to post here regarding intune. 


What am I doing wrong? 

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Verify the status of the Microsoft Intune service through the Microsoft 365 Service Health dashboard. If there are any ongoing issues or outages affecting Intune, it could be the cause of the error you're experiencing.

I am seeing the same thing when deploying a deny URL to Safari for iOS devices. Were you ever able to get it to work? I've tried yesterday and today.

No issues for this in Microsoft's service health > Microsoft intune.