Outlook App Update 4.2115 crashing on ios devices - Intune managed

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This morning we started receiving a good number of tickets that their outlook on iOS devices is crashed after it was auto updated to 4.2115. Any others seen this issue yet? is it MDM related or widespread across all mobile devices?

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I am updating my outlook app on my test device/tenant right now... I will let you know the outcome
Just tested the outlook app version 4.2115. I could not detect any problem. When does the crash occur? Is it opening a specific mail or calendar?
Thanks. Our devices are all Intune managed (Corporate dedicated & byod). The crash occurs as soon as we open the outlook app. As a workaround, We had to uninstall the app and reinstall it from app store to open it fine for end users; and disabled auto updates for now. MS Support team just acknowledged it as a wide spread Intune issue.
Our org is having the same issue, any updates from MS support?

@PriscillaP They just collected logs and no clear resolution yet.

Same Issue.  Outlook Crashes upon opening.  We use Meraki's MDM.  @MaheshKommanuru 


I am also getting reports of Outlook crashing when opening. Intune Managed

@MaheshKommanuru We are experiencing the same issue. Intune Managed devices.

@MaheshKommanuru We're experiencing the same issue using HexnodeMDM.  Guessing the VPP version is different than the app store version?



We're experiencing the same thing, but we use Meraki MDM, not Intune. So sounds like something to do with VPP or ABM

We have the same problem in our company with 184 iOS Devices.. are any solutions available?



Same problem here...... any workaround other the remove and reinstall? thank you


We have had the same issue, We logged a ticket with Microsoft yesterday (20/04) who have said the below.

This is to inform you that there is an ongoing issue with the Outlook VPP app is crashing on all the iOS devices and the backend team is working on it so as soon as it will be resolved I will update you.
Same issue happening here today! Still no answer from MS on this?
We experienced the same issue yesterday both in Outlook deployed by Intune and Airwatch.
This morning we when the new update was released we were able to push the update from Airwatch to all iOS devices. For Intune the users must update the app from Airwatch or reinstall from Company Portal (or wait until automatic update is done through App Store).
The issue is now resolved for our Comapny.
The version that crash is 4.2115.0 and Microsoft seem quickly released another version 4.2115.2, which working well


My outlook icon has gone after i tried to open outlook 3-4 time on my iPhone - i can't find the icon (in the Firmaportal) to install it again?

We are also experiencing the same issue now (with ade) ios enrolled devices.
I could not think of any other option to disable updates except to turn off app updates completely for now?
Tenant admin --> connectors --> select vpp connector  --> Turn "Automatic App Updates" OFF

We are facing the same issue today for all Outlook latest version users. @MaheshKommanuru