O365 for Windows 10 stuck in pending

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Hi all,

I have an issue with 2 laptops enrolled by Intune - CSV autopilot deployment.

Both of them successfully deployed/enrolled in Intune. From the Intune point of view, everything is "green".

Issue: we are trying to install "O365 for Windows 10" through the "Company portal" app.

For 2 days status is "Download pending. Your device is syncing & will begin downloading your app shortly".

Both laptops are 1909 build, fully updated.


I've tried:

*re-installing company portal - didn't work;

*un-sync/sync again - didn't work;


Any idea?



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Hi Dino,

Is the assignment selected to Required? Do you assign to users or computers?
I always use Computers and never had any problems with office installation even with1909, so try with Computers assignment.

Note that O365 takes more time to download install because it doesn’t use Intune Management Extension like other Win32 apps, so it could be timing.

Hope this helps!



The app is required.

I've assigned it to users.

I will read & try this "computer assignment".





Did you get to the bottom of this?

I have also seen this in a few devices.




It resolved itself 3 days after.