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Can we deploy multiple autopilot deployment profile to a single devices? We have an environment where an existing window 10 deployment profile is targeted to a group of devices dynamically grouped based on their ZTDID.

Now as per the business need we need to create a window 11 deployment profile and target this to the newly procured devices for window 11. But we fear if the devices are dynamically grouped using their ZTDID they would automatically become the part of the old GROUP and would be deployed with window 10 autopilot deployment profile. however we want to keep the old solution active too for window 10 devices and would want newly created window 11 autopilot deployment to be only targeted to newly shipped devices.

Need someone expertise in having this answered :).

Hope to hear back soon on this and thanking in advance for the help.

Shashi Dubey

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Are you using group tag to seperate devices? Cause instead of having one Autopilot profile for all autopilot devices, you could tag your devices with group tag. This way it makes it quite easy to have one profile for Windows 11 devices. 


You could create a group with dynamic device query with something like:

(device.osVersion -startsWith "10.0.2")

This catches Windows 11 devices dynamicly or just use a seperate group tag for Windows 11 devices.

(device.devicePhysicalIds -any _ -eq "[OrderID]:Windows 11")


HI Jhonny,

Thanks a bunch for this amazing explanation and valuable pointers !!

Would sure to have this implemented in my environment for the proper division of the devices as per the business need :).

Hope to have your valuable experience too with me in the coming time.

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