MS Endpoint Manager Admin Center Android enrollment error 404

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Hi everyone

We have an issue with our Endpoint Manager Admin Center Android enrollment - it no longer works and we get error:

[object Object] (Code: ResourceNotFound)


{ "shellProps": { "sessionId": "13d41420f2104a9aaa28751e21c20ac7", "extName": "Microsoft_Intune_Enrollment", "contentName": "AndroidEnrollmentBlade", "code": 404 }, "error": { "message": "[object Object] (Code: ResourceNotFound)", "code": 404, "error": { "message": "ajaxExtended call failed", "name": "AjaxError", "stack": "AjaxError: ajaxExtended call failed\n at r.t (\n at new r (\n at t.reject (\n at Object.<anonymous> (\n at a (\n at l (", "extension": "Microsoft_Intune_Enrollment", "type": "MsPortalFx.Errors.AjaxError", "baseTypes": [ "MsPortalFx.Errors.AjaxError", "MsPortalFx.Errors.Error" ], "data": { "uri": "", "type": "POST", "pathAndQuery": "", "requestId": "0bb7a201-69a0-425c-a251-9687dfe268d1", "failureCause": "", "sessionId": "13d41420f2104a9aaa28751e21c20ac7", "commandName": "createGooglePlayWebToken", "status": 404, "statusText": "Not Found", "duration": 730.3999999761581 }, "errorLevel": 2, "timestamp": 80089.89999997616, "innerErrors": [], "textStatus": "error", "errorThrown": "Not Found", "jqXHR": {}, "clientRequestId": "0bb7a201-69a0-425c-a251-9687dfe268d1", "isExpectedError": false } }}


Does anyone have any ideas why?





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Take a look at this link and confirm your Intune integration with Google Play is setup and operating correctly. Its health should show green. Test that you're able to login to Google with the designated service account.


Configure Managed Google Play for Intune 


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@Kurt Mayer Thanks for getting back to me,  When accessing Enroll devices - Android enrollment we get the error Resource Not Found.  404 error. The page does not load