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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Manually check in Android enrolled devices

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Hey all,


I have about 50 Android tablets that are enrolled in Intune. They all have Outlook set as required. About 9 of them could suddenly not receive mails. When I went to the app settings of Outlook, I could see that these 9 devices had 'Install Pending'. Their last check-in was also from a few days ago.

I would now like to manually check in these devices so that their update might get pushed.

I could ofcourse go to every device and do this by hand, but I would like it if this was possible via the Intune portal.

I can't see any Sync button on the Device overview that I would normally first go to. Is there another way that I could force the sync/update without end-user interaction or me going manually to each tablet?


Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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Hi @SamTeerlinck 
You probably enrolled the devices as Android Enterprise Corporate-owned Fully managed user devices or dedicated devices? Than it`s right the sync option is not available cause the sync runs through de Device policy app (from Google) and not through the Company portal app.
If your device is enrolled with Android Enterprise Work profile or Device Admin (Device admin is legacy) than the sync option is available.




Hey @Peter Klapwijk,


Thanks for the reply. They are indeed dedicated devices.

So then there's no way to remotely sync them? I guess forcing a restart is my best option at the moment? This has helped a bit in the past.


Thanks again!