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Issues with Outlook notifications on Android work profile

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I've also posed the question on the android support forum. I've set up a work profile and it seems to be working OK. I get notifications from Outlook for meetings however not for when I receive a new email. I've checked the settings and notifications are turned on and I get them if I remove the work profile Outlook and just have the normal app.




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I know Outlook Notifications for Work Profile are not supported on Android Wear but Android Phones.

Have you checked the Work Profile Notifications under Setting?


so all mail notification are silent ? or any specific mail notification ? i mean if mail has some rule setup like move it to desire folder automatically than you will not be notified but if its directly coming to inbox than you will be notified @marky79 

Hi Moe

I have checked the notification under work profile and that is turned on.
All incoming mail is silent. I get calendar notifications but nothing else from Outlook

 Can you go to outook mobile app

Go to setting

select Notification

under that you will have 3 option

1.Notification -- so select all mail

2. New Mail Sound -- select alert tone for incoming message if not done already



That is currently how it is set but there is no notification for new mail. The icon does not even appear at the top of the screen

can you share the screenshot if possible ?@marky79 

@I_am_Rajeshof course. Here's the current setup 

are you able to see new mail in notification bar ?but no notification sound ?

Or neither you are able to see mail in notification bar nor sound.

Are this happening on all mobile or only on specific mobile?


Can you go to 2nd option in screenshot and browse that option ---- than see if notification options are enabled or not , also try to change the alert tone and check with test email and see if it works ?

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@marky79  - Check that Focused In Box is switched off on your Android Outlook App. Occasionally, when Outlook gets an update it, for some reason, resets it to "on" by default. When its on I get no Notifications because its switched off on all of my main Outlook instances. You'll find it in settings. You may want to check that you have both accounts set up the same way too, again via Settings, then select each account separately and see what you have set up for each account. 

not sure but for me Focused inbox is on and i get notification, let me try this on my device as well@Allan Clarke 

@I_am_Rajesh  - yes, you'll get a Notification if Focused is switched on but only if the email goes in to the Focused In Box. I don't use Focused at all and when it gets switched over to "on" after an update, I suddenly notice I'm not getting email notifications. Go in to settings, switch it off & they start up again.


So, you're right, you'll get Notifications if Focused is switched on but if all your emails are going straight to a standard In Box then, on the app, they stop.

Got you!!! Thanks for clarification.
It is happening on all android mobiles with the work profile. I am getting absolutely no notifications on new mail arriving
I've tried turning off the focused inbox so will see what happens. I only have 1 account set up which was working fine before I set up the work profile
Looks like this has solved the issue. Thanks for your help