iPhone Company Portal says "Can access company resources", Intune says "Not compliant"???

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Just looking for some wisdom as I've run out!


I am just setting up a new Intune tenant and I've come across an odd issue.  I've just enrolled a iPhone (IOS 16) into Intune.  The app tells me that I can access company resources, however if I look at the device in the Intune portal it's showing as non-compliant.  I've refreshed the app many times but the two systems continue to disagree with each other.  Has anyone seen this before, any magic solutions out there?


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@Rob Clarke can happen at times. Did you check the reason for non-compliance? Most likely you are missing a custom compliance policy. 

@rahuljindal-MVP thanks for the reply.  The compliance policy was failing on the "Unable to set up email on the device" setting., switching that back to "not configured" allowed the device to show as compliant in Intune, of course the status in the Company Portal app didn't change :)


This was extra odd because the device didn't have an existing mailbox, I have a feeling that setting might be more trouble than it's working, and instead I'll use conditional access to only allow approved apps.

Yes, compliance policy can be tricky so you should only add what is necessary like device based configurations. CA would be the ideal approach for controlling access to the cloud apps. Glad it is working for you now. Cheers.