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iOS calendar sync with Tesla - No entries are shown in the car

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Hi all,


I have a problem with the sync of my calendar to Tesla. I sync all my exchange calendar entries with the native iOS calendar app. "Sync calendar" is enabled in the iOS Tesla app. All other calendar entries are shown in the car except the exchange (organization) calendar. 


"Viewing corporate documents in unmanaged apps" is set to blocked and in the app protection policy "Send org data to other apps" is set to: Policy managed apps. 


Any solutions on this one?


Best regards,


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Hi @Labinot Jashanica,


If using the native email app on iOS, then the App Protection Policy has no bearing.

If using the Outlook for iOS app, there is no integration that would enable the calendar data within Outlook mobile to be synced into the Tesla app.

Hope this helps!
Intune Support Team