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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

iOS 15 Intune Configuration Home Screen Layout

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For iOS15, in > Endpoint > iOS Configuration Profile > Home Screen Layout:  The non configured Apps do not start at beginning of alphabet.  On page one, it picks up about R or S.  On page two, it picks up at the beginning of the alphabetic, then following through alphabetically.

Hope to see this fixed soon.


The Information states this, which is different from the MSFT document and the way it occurred on ios14 and earlier.  

Intune verbiage:  Add apps to your layout row by row. Any positions you don’t fill will be populated by your other apps in the order they install on devices.

MSFT documentation:  These apps are shown in alphabetical order after the configured apps.

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@Paul Beiler I think this could be partly an Apple issue. We don't assign a Home Screen layout because we want users to be able to move stuff (wish there was an option for a default home screen layout that the user could customize later). But, we see similar behavior that you are seeing without the Home Screen Layout. Before we give iPads to students, we normally manually "Reset Home Screen Layout" in settings on the device to have a consistent initial order. On iOS 14, that results in the non-bundled apps starting on page 2 (after 2nd page bundled apps) in alphabetical order.  On iOS 15 after "Reset Home Screen Layout," some of the non-bundled apps appear on the 1st page in non-alphabetical order (the ones that appear here seem to depend on the order they installed) then on the second page, the rest of the apps we push appear in alphabetical order following the bundled apps that appear on the 2nd page. I submitted feedback to Apple on this, but am not confident it will get anywhere.  

I see how apps are filling in "alphabetically" when I select Reset Home Screen Layout now. The non-bundled apps start alphabetically on the 2nd page after the bundled apps, then start filling the 1st page after the bundled apps, then the 3rd, 4th, ... 


I think the issue you see with where the apps you don't define in your layout show up is probably related.

Interesting. The order on my iPhone XS Max is 2, 3, 4, 1, 5. This week I will see if this changes on an iPhone13. My iPad Mini only has three pages with the alphabetical layout starting on page 2. We put the daily-use business apps on page 1 and pin 4 to the bottom.