iOS 14 Beta Version testing in Intune

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In this conversion our Goal is discuss and clarity about recently Apple has released iOS 14 beta versions .

For our environment we have made some testing by updating iOS 14 beta, Below is the one of issue we come across.

* Not able to enroll iPad(OS getting detected as “MacOS” during enrollment).


If someone able to find out cause means please help to resolve it and share if there is any other issue by anyone else to get aware of that also.


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AFAIK, Beta versions aren't supported with Intune.
But in order to bring this to light, I would suggest pinging IntuneSupportTeam on Twitter, they will be able to look into this

@NithinBoss There was a similar issue with iOS 13 beta too. That was due to the safari browser invoking desktop compatible page. You could circumnavigate this by having the safari browser set to show mobile-compatible sites.

@pradeeppm  This is exactly correct. It can be changed from Settings > Safari > Request Desktop Website on the affected iPad, and will then allow it to enroll based on the set enrollment restrictions.