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in our Company, we got Intune.

We use the PSADT (PowershellAppDeploymendToolkit) to install Software.

Now we have the problem, that Intune is installing in Non-Interactive Mode. The User don´t see if a Update/Installation is in progress.

So i tried like this example:

But The Software is still starting installing in Non-Interactive Mode. When i locally install over powershell, with the same command its working.


You got any idea, how we can realise a Interactive Install Mode?


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I have done it in the past & blogged about it.

Could you take a look at this?

@Thijs Lecomte

Thank you, thats the Solution and a very good dokumentation :)

Thanks a lot.




How about using .bat script to customize the switches ? i have used bat script with command like setup.exe /passive or setup.exe / active etc  and it seems to fulfill our requirement. But still PowerShell is the best option available there. But which is the best Practice for customization ? PS or bat Script ?@MrMueller 

I prefer to not use a bit file and configure the switches in INtune, that way you can easily change them.
In use a Script, which is detecting if a Software is open or not. If it opened the installation will be nonSilent. If the Program closed (no user using it) it will be installed silent.
In Intune i use the powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file „./detection.ps1“

This is working fine for us.

Is that the "best" we got to do interactive installs?

Belive me, I would love everything to be silent and just work.

But (especially in education) one will get quite few random install that are either totally NON-silent, or half-baked semi-silent

There is nothing I can do with them, but run in System context, but allow user interaction (so the prompts can be followed)

With SCCM is was so easy...