Intune Win32 apps with Intune (error 0x87D30000)

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I am having issues deploying applications to some of my company's devices.


In the Intune console I keep getting the error Unknown (0x87D30000). I am unable to find any solution.


Something to note is that for most of my computers the applications installs just fine, but for others it fails with that error code. 


Has anyone seen this problem, and found a fix?

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Hi @JorgenSundet,


I don't know this error code but normally if I'm dealing with this kind of situation I do local troubleshooting on the device. It is not uncommon that an app is installed fine on several devices but fails on others. not every client is equal and behaves different which leads to errors. So my advice would be maybe enhance the app package to generate more logs locally and have a look at them. Have a look at the Intune Agent log file and the MSI or whatever installer log files you create. Normally this isolates the real problem and you can implement a solution via modified setup wrapper script.




Hi @JorgenSundet!

As discussed on Twitter, this means the app was successfully deployed. It's the message that gets sent back to the service as "Success". For the error, we’ve found that It's on an internal list our developers use so they don't code one error as "Success" and then someone else re-uses it as "Failed". We’ve provided feedback to the team to make these more intuitive!

As you've confirmed that with this message, the apps are not on the device, the recommendation is to create a support case for further investigation. If you have any additional issues or updates, please let us know!