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Intune software updates strategy

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Hi all,

my company is thinking to use intune for windows 10 updates.

Now we use SCCM but we use 5 different dynamic collections to deploy the updates on single collection day by day.

The dynamic collection are destroyed and rebuilded every month with a powershell script to ensure every clients are into.

How can I reach the same with intune?


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Hi @zolabus 


Need more details on what you're trying to achieve rather than how you're currently doing it.


Why do you have the five collections?  Why do you recreate them monthly?


This may help us advise on how to implement in Intune / Windows Update for Business. 



@Ru Hi, I have 5 collections to deploy to one of them everyday of the week so to reach all the clients over two weeks and not to apply them on al clients simultanely.

I recreate them every month to be sure to include new machines...we have random names all starting with fwofc-% or fwcc-%

I’m not expert in SCCM, but collection is just way of grouping users/devices for pushing Windows Updates, right? If yes, I would create dynamic security groups in Azure AD and assign to Intune ring policies.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani Correct, but the goal is with witch query to create the dynamic groups

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This is not natively possible within Intune.
You could sync collections to Azure AD =>